Palm Pre – A Total Home-Run in Mexico

I thought calling this article "Palm Pre it´s a Hit in Mexico", however I think it´s more like a Full Home Run.

When Jeff Hawkins invited PoderPDA to the launch event of a mysterious device in January of this year during the CES 2009, I never imagined this device would become what it is today. Especially considering that only 4 months have passed after its official launch.

On last June 6, Palm Pre made its debut for the Sprint network users, and only 6 days after its release, PoderPDA made the 1st live Unboxing of a Palm Pre in Spanish. A few days later, we had configured voice and SMS with Iusacell (CDMA Local Carrier) and some days after that, we were surfing the net with EvDO Iusacell 3G Network in México.

We have been updating our tutorials to unlock, activate, and configure this amazing devices. Many of us, Palm Pre users, have even installed the latest version of Web OS: Version 1.2.1. When the update was rolled up by Palm, some users lost their data service so they contacted us to 

I don´t have the exact numbers, but if we take into account that I have personally set 74 Palm Pre all across Mexico, almost all of them free of any charge, and considering that we are the only Mexican site who have the required information in spanish to unlock and activate Palm Pre in Iusacell, we can assume that those 74 Palm Pre are at least the 10% of all Palm Pre devices being used in Mexico, so I believe that there can be easily over 700 Pre Palm devices browsing withing the Iusacell network in México.

A few days ago talking with a friend of mine, he told me that he felt very comfortable with his Palm Pre and the fact of having received a 100% clean device, without many of the "software goodies" that other smartphone brands pre-install on their devices, that in most cases, those applications can be overwhelming for the final user. "It´s like the Harley Davidson Motorcycles" my friend told me, "When you buy one of those machines, the user has to equip the motorcycle using his own taste and that´s exactly what Palm Pre gives to you" My Friend told me that this experiencie made him appreciate even more the Palm Pre and enjoy using it.

Although we have many users in PoderPDA with iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices, Palm Pre awakened an interest, at least in our mobile latinamerica community, that wasn´t show since the iPhone.

With the rumoured Palm Pre GSM arriving at Latin America, WebOS users will multiply quickly.

While competition is not any easy for Palm, it seems that once again is one of the protagonists in Smartphone battle and could be among the leaders of mobile devices in a short time

Thanks to Precentral and WebOS Internals have learned much about our PalmPre. Thanks guys for helping so much the Mexican PreNauts.